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Basic Values
Vision and Mission
Programme Goals

Academy's Basic Values

• Public responsibility;
• Christian-democratic values;
• Culture of dialogue;
• Reliability and credibility;
• Excellence, team and whole life learning;
• Dedication to participants.

Vision and Mission

Academy's Vision:
To be reliable, credible and initiative actor of positive environment creation for adoption of specific knowledge needed for responsible public activity of its participants.

Academy's Mission:
To improve knowledge and skills of its participants with systematic educational activities that will provide more efficient creation and participation in B-H and region public processes.

Programme Goals

• Promotion of democracy, peace, freedom, political culture, dialogue culture, as well as other modern civilization achievement founded on Christian-democratic principles as basic values and programme principles of academy and the party,
• Credible promotion of European democratic perspective of BH society as community of equal peoples and citizens,
• Motivation of participants to constant education and creation of conditions for enhancement of their complete successes in everyday activity,
• Systematic achievement of new cognitions, knowledge and skills by team learning,
• Institutional stimulation of excellence through intensive exchange of data, information and knowledge between lecturers and participants.
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